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I am a Colombian researcher and explorer from the capital city Bogotá, mostly into mathematics and computer science. In addition, I enjoy visiting new cities and learning about new cultures, languages, food, and life in general.

Where I live, people believe in Trolls, and I do too! Norway is a a fascinating country full of kind people, breathtaking nature, big fjords, good salmon, Hansa, deer, and other cool things.

As a remark, my full name is Jonathan Steven Prieto Cubides. My first last name is by my father, Rafael A. Prieto B., and the other by my mother, Luzmila Cubides.

Research work

Nowadays, I am a PhD Candidate in computer science at the University of Bergen in the Department of Informatics. My supervisors are Håkon R. Gylterud and Marc Bezem. I share my office with Benjamin Chetioui and Tam Thanh Truong.

The context of my research is within the field of constructive mathematics. I study mathematical constructions within a relatively recent type theory called homotopy type theory. Many type theories have computational meaning, making them practical to use for computing. A type theory can be defined as a formal system and also as a functional programming language. In this view, there is, therefore, no distinction between doing mathematics as proving statements and programming on the computer. As a consequence, one can assess the correctness of the mathematical results produced using this approach, up to the correctness of the proof-checker.

keywords: dependent type theory, homotopy type theory, agda, functional programing, proof-assistant, univalence axiom, univalent mathematics

I have more academic interests, e.g. natural language processing, machine learning algorithms, algorithm design, philosophy of sciences, programming language theory, and software development.

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